For more Impact and Resilience


  • how to lead with foresight and courage – and have confidence in your way of leading

  • Cultivate the skills to step into the future of your leadership

  • how to install or reinforce and keep your boundaries successfully

  • how to switch off effectively

  • how to say gracefully NO when you mean NO

  • how to deal with expectations and emotions

More confidence. More clarity.

  • trust in your leadership skills, experiences and potential

  • unlock emergent leadership qualities in yourself, deepen your ability to act as an instrument for change and healing

  • find a better way of dealing with stress and expectations

  • define the changes you wish to see

  • become a healthy leader that serves as role model for others

When and where

Via Zoom or at Freigutstrasse 4

We will agree to our dates together and find an easy fit into your agenda


Individually: You choose! We can have a coaching over 3 to 6 months, 6 to 9 months or 9 to 12 months. Additionally, you might be interested in the option to bring your tricky situations within a 24 hours-situation check-offering and have a sparing partner.

Groups: ask what is currently available.

Businesses need leaders who are purposeful and transformational. Leaders who can impact their organization. Leaders need to grow to face the challenges, face our uncertain world and disrupted industries.

Let us co-design with you your journey to reinforce your values, your vision, your strategy, your agility to adapt and your authentic presence. While fostering the shifts you need and help you grow as an experienced leader I might respectfully challenge your assumptions, your modes of operations, your blind spots. Sometimes you need help to embrace your greatness. Implement the changes you plan and lead your organization into the future. And while you will go out of comfort, learn to accept phases of discomfort, to deal with stress and keep your boundaries, and overall increase your impact and resilience.


  • von +16 Jahren Erfahrung als Coach von Führungskräften und ihren Teams: Best Practices konzentriert und auf den Punkt gebracht

  • von mir als Rollenmodell für virtuelle Führung: Prüfen Sie, was wirkt. Sie können Tools und Ideen für sich und Ihr Team anpassen.

  • Von meiner Erfahrung in Somatic Experience, der Arbeit mit unserem autonomen Nervensystem. Ein Teil von uns wirkt auf der kognitiv beeinflussbaren Ebene; der andere bestimmt, wie wir Grenzen setzen, uns sicher oder gestresst fühlen, kämpfen oder flüchten.